How To Lay The Ground For Creative Content In Your Digital Magazine

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We all know that all digital publications have followed the same basic evolution. It starts with the interest about the technology and the iteration of it to a place where the platform has mass media reach. The thing that gives the platform longevity, is the content shared on it. This is true for all online magazines. We don’t get excited about which platform it is published any more. Instead, its about the content that’s inside it.

To create and run a profitable digital magazine, planning should always be the square one of its content strategy. Without a clear blueprint of the content needed to produce, when and for whom, a title can quickly become a flop.

In today’s feature, Jake Rocheleau shares with us some great tips on how to structure content planning for your magazine, take advantage of digital technology and maximize the reach and impact of online platform.

Align your Cardinal Goals

Before you even consider launching a magazine you have to set your goals in order. What do you hope to accomplish from the launch? The end result is generally a large enough profit to peacefully live on but there has to be more. What are your true passions? In what activities do you derive most of your interest and curiosity?Read more

4 Metrics You Should Be Aware Of To Monetize Your Digital Audience and Current Readers

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These four metrics go beyond CPM and Fill Rate to help publishers measure the success of their digital advertising efforts.

Identifying and selecting the right key performance metrics is a great strategy to measure the performance of our advertising efforts and spot those areas in our digital publishing where we need to make improvements.

But sometimes, it gets tough to figure out the right measures and determine the success or failure of ads inside our digital publications. When that happens, it always helps to take a step back from analyzing effectiveness, and start to give ourselves some really great insight into how our digital publishing strategy is performing for us.

Sovran Vice President of Publisher Services, Chris Crawfurd, identifies four metrics that go beyond CPM and Fill Rate to help digital publishers measure the success of their ad efforts. These metrics provide a targeted way of assessing digital ads’ health, as a disparate and more complex part of digital publishing.Read more

How You Can Make Your App Pay For Itself

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There are many different app revenue models available for anyone involved in e-publishing and are looking to receive the best monetary return on their digital investment. Below are a few common examples which you can take into account during the consideration and planning stages of your app.

Free with advertising

With this option, an app would be free to download, and all content, features, and services remain open and accessible to all. Instead of relying on subscription revenue, the success of this model is dependent upon a smart in-app advertising strategy. Usually customers are inclined to download a free app with ads so long as the ads do not detract from the end user experience, so keep this in mind during the design and planning stage.Read more