Don’t miss out on subscriptions to online content!

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Yes, people do pay for subscriptions to digital magazines!

Don’t listen to the so-called “experts” who say it’s impossible.

Smart Ways Of Selling Digital Magazine Subscriptions

Here at Global Online Publishing we can offer you all of the tools, tips, and tricks you need to creatively get your print content ready to sell your stunning interactive flipbook to a digital audience. Below are some fruitful strategies, commonly used by our clients to help boost their online sales. You can apply any number of these to your own business model in order to encourage the largest possible return on your digital investment.

Sell online subscriptions and retain 100% of the profit.

When you publish your flipbook online and control the marketing initiative on your end, instead of relying on online marketplaces to boost your discover-ability, then you will be able to retain 100% of your profits on sales. If this is an important factor in your business model then make sure to avoid digital publishing solutions that will take a share of your subscription revenue, a common experience with in the online marketplaces.

Offer bundled subscription options.

A great way of increasing online sales is by offering discounted subscription rates for bundled deals. Often readers will be enticed by a print subscription offer if you throw in online access at a reduced rate as well. Not only will this promote sales but it will also encourage your existing print readers to branch out into the digital space. If you have created an app for your magazine as well as an online flipbook then make sure to advertise this multiplatform access to customers. All readers have different digital requirements and needs, so giving them the freedom to choose how to deliver your digital content will help seal the deal when it comes to magazine sales.

Create a sample issue.

Sometimes reader take a little more convincing to get them over the line into the digital world. How many times have you stood at the newsstand looking at all your magazine options? Often it comes down to a quick look at each magazine to determine which one interests you most. Replicating this online is the same ‘try before you buy’ experience with digital publications. By creating a free sample issue, possibly a back issue which may have lost its market value, you can let readers preview your content before they buy it. This is a smart move, especially if you are looking to attract new customers who may not be familiar with your brand at all, as well as those who are hesitant to adopt the digital medium for reading magazines, allowing them to get familiar with your flipbook and its functionality before committing to a subscription.

Incorporate auto-renewing subscriptions.

Auto-renewing in-app subscriptions are a great feature for encouraging sales since it relies on the principle that instead of opting in to renew, users have to opt out pre-emotively to cancel their renewal. The auto-renewing subscription model increases the likelihood that readers will stick around for more than just one subscription cycle, thus making it easier for you to benefit from subscription revenue long term.

Closing Thoughts

  • When considering the different strategies in selling digital magazine subscriptions, it is important to keep in mind your target audience and offer incentives that are tailored to their consumer needs.
  • Make sure to integrate your digital content with free third party tracking sites such as Google Analytics, as this will allow you to systematically analyze the trends of your readership, and how they engage with your content.

Global Online Publishing gives you all the tools you need to start creating elegant, interactive publications, which will help you catapult your brand into the digital space.